We are fully aware that the quality of public services nowadays depends on the capacity of institutions to formulate, implement and finance public policies based on evidence. We are an institutional partner for public sector authorities, which would like to effectively use knowledge to make informed strategic decisions in line with the concept of evidence-based policy making. The concept represents a new paradigm for the functioning of the public sector and the delivery of public services. The systematic enhancement of the quality and effectiveness of public administration through professional cooperation with public institutions is at centre of our activities.



Building systems for knowledgecapitalisation


Defining strategic objectivesand priorities


Diagnostic monitoring andrisk management


Enhancement of effectiveness and quality management


Analysis, evaluation and research


Communication and professional collaboration


Strategic management of EU funds


European Territorial Cooperation


Public financemanagement


We have worked for international institutions (European Commission, European Parliament, Committee of Regions, European Investment Bank, UNDP) and a wide range of national and regional authorities in Slovakia. Since 2005, Consulting Associates, s.r.o. has implemented projects in Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Kosovo.

More than 15

years of providing services to national and international institutions

More than 150

projects implemented in Slovakia and European countries

More than 50

strategic documents, studies and evaluations

Network of 30

experts from Slovakia and abroad


We are open to new collaborations focused on strengthening evidence-based public policies and the enhancement of public administration effectiveness. In order to deliver our assignments, we look for experts with a specialisation in public administration, economy, social science and statistics.